new independent report by the CEBR

Independent research conducted by leading economics consultancy CEBR demonstrates conclusively that the proposed revisions to the Electronic Communications code will:


  • cost small land and property owners an extra £50 million per year – on top of the £209 million per year the existing changes to the Code have already cost them

  • slow down the UK’s 5G rollout, with up to 9 million people missing out on superfast connections next year alone

  • hit the UK’s GDP by a massive £2 billion in a single year

Douglas McWilliams, Deputy Chairman of the CEBR, explains more about what their independent research reveals: 

how could your local community be affected?


Right across the UK, the proposed changes to the code are set to have a devastating effect on a whole range of local groups and organisations essential to the UK’s communities – for instance: 

  • Community churches will see rental income go down from £4.2 million per year to just £1.1 million per year

  • Local sports and social clubs used to receive £8.7 million per year from mobile phone mast site rentals, but this will be slashed to just £2.4 million per year

  • Local councils face dramatic rental cuts from £35.5 million per year down to just £9.6 million per year.

  • Rural property and landowners like small local farmers will see their annual rental reduced from £26 million per year to just £7 million.

there is a better way


CEBR’s research outlines alternative reforms to the Code, such as the approach recommended by the Law Commission in 2013, as offering a more equitable balance for property and landowners – and therefore more of an incentive to have masts on their land.


This more consensual approach has balance and fairness at its heart.


 It would benefit all parties – local land and property owners, mobile operators and importantly the British public, more than half of whom would have 5G coverage by the end of 2022.

how can I help?

You can download the executive summary and factsheet from the independent CEBR report here

You can download the Sustainability of pre-2017 telecom land rents report from the independent CEBR report here


And you can help us stop the Mobile Mast Rip-off by emailing your local MP and asking them to highlight the issue.