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about the campaign

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who is affected?

In short, anyone who has telecommunications infrastructure on their land now, or may acquire it in the future is directly affected by the Code.


This group includes thousands of farmers, sports and social clubs, residents of flats, businesses, charities, occupiers and owners of offices, shops and industrial estates.


The Code also affects anyone who has an interest in the UK receiving world-beating digital connectivity. If the next generation of digital infrastructure is delayed by unnecessary disputes over equipment sites, ultimately it will be the consumer that suffers when they cannot get 5G.

why is this happening?

Rents are being cut due to a revised valuation methodology which offers land and property owners money based on the minimal alternative use value of the land rather than the total value of the telecommunications property, which is often far greater. In rural areas, this means agricultural land prices.


The government has suggested that the ‘savings’ Operators make on the rental payments will be reinvested in new networks and consumer benefits - but instead, unscrupulous Operators are keeping the profits for themselves.


In the UK as well as across Europe, traditional telecoms companies are selling their masts and other infrastructure to third parties for large capital sums. To maximise those sums, the operators are looking to push down the rents they pay to property owners as much as possible. The traditional telecoms companies will then enter into long term service agreements with the third party at levels far in excess of the original rent charged by the property owner. This process is designed to increase profit margins not to increase connectivity.

what can I do about it?

Together we can stop the mobile mast rip-off - but only if we make our voices heard by the Government. If you can spare just five minutes to email your local MP, you could make a huge difference to small independent land and property owners, churches, farmers and community groups in your area. Please click here to have your say today.