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We all agree: Britain needs fast, reliable, internet.

But the thousands of small land and property owners – including farmers, churches and community groups – who lease their land to telecoms companies should get a fair deal for playing their part.


But these telecoms companies are trying to force through huge rent reductions on land and property owners – in some cases by over 90%.


And they’re now trying to change the law to further erode the limited safeguards land and property owners have under the current law, and make it easier to pursue them through the courts.  


Not only is this behaviour unfair – it will actually slow down, not speed up, the roll-out of faster internet – with far fewer land and property owners set to sign up and help in the face of such unfair treatment.

The only way to stop this is by making your voice heard by the people who matter - so please, take just a few minutes to email your local MP and together we can stop the mobile mast rip-off:

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We’re going to be fighting hard over the coming weeks and months to get a fair deal for small land and property owners


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